Thursday, February 23, 2006

The dreaded fork in the road

Well, here we are. Who'da thunk I'd ever get to this point. I've received a phone call from Halifax and here I am to share the news. Well, ok, most of you already know because I messaged you or emailed you all excited and scared and worried. You know me.

So, Tuesday morning, my phone rang and there on the display was Talentworks Inc. The headhunter (recruiter) I'd sent my resume to all those weeks ago in December. Well... the client she'd sent my resume to at the end of December, is now expressing an interest in me. Eeek. I mean... wtf? It's been weeks. At least she understood that the call was blindsiding me and gave me some time to think on it while I viewed the job description.

With a sinking stomach, I contacted a few of my friends to vent, freak out and generally annoy them while they attempted to accomplish real work.

Yes, I know that I'm in the preliminary stages of the interview process with the company in the east. Yet, this company had been sent my resume and, when in need of a developer, they didn't call the headhunter to start a general search, they called to find out if I were still available. Which, to me indicates strong interest.

Today, I returned her call and said I'd let my resume stand. I'm going through the process. We figured out an equivalent salary should I move out there and off she went. Meanwhile, I sat at my desk trying to accept the realization that my life was moving in two separate and distinct directions and at some point I will have to make a choice.

It's been pointed out to me, that I have here the very thing I was going to Halifax in search of - a fresh start. A chance to make new memories here. I have an opportunity where I work to move into new technologies and challenge myself that way. And, should things not work out here, Halifax will still be there. This won't be the only job that comes my way.

Yet, it is an opportunity to pursue an adventure. Move my life along a new and different path.

So...I wait. I continue along two divergent paths, waiting until one or the other forces me to focus in one direction. Ok, ok, I'm procrastinating. The decision will be clear when I'm forced to make a choice.


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