Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm like a kid with a new toy

Oh wait! That's exactly what I am. A kid with a new toy - my bike. I skipped the bike commute yesterday as I had personal training scheduled. Ok, and I decided to sleep in rather than get up early enough to bike it. Not that the bike commute is any longer than the bus - 35 minutes door to door today - but at this point I prefer to ride in the lighter traffic earlier.

Regardless, last night after dinner, J and I headed out for a good 45 minute bike ride. So relaxing and fun - even if painful on those hills! And today, I dragged my slug butt out of bed at an ungodly hour to make the bike commute. At first, my body protests since it isn't used to any activity at that time of day. But as the ride continues, things loosen up and it feels great.

I'm a little worried about the move and winter. I know that biking to work even 3 days of the week is going to make a huge difference in my weight loss. It can't help but do so. But once winter comes, I have to find a replacement for that. Curling just isn't going to cut it. However, once my gym contract is done, I might look into joining a different facility. One with a pool. That and the personal trainers I should have gone to first and by spring I might be ready to do something insane. Ok, more insane than bike commuting. A triathlon.


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