Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hell may be freezing over

Or pigs are growing wings. I'm not sure which. But, yesterday I bought a bike. Ok, that in itself is not the cause of the shift in the earth's gravitational field. I have, in fact, owned bikes before. I still have the great mountain bike I bought when I was 14.

Hell is freezing over (or pigs are taking wing) because...

wait for it...

I'm going to start biking to work.

Amazing, huh? In fact, J and I did a test run of the trip today. All the way down to my office, then back home through the river valley. It was a fantastic way to spend some time on a Sunday. The weather was great for biking - not too hot, not too cold and no rain.

J was right. My trip abroad would change me. It's not that I'll be selling my car anytime soon. Winter comes, and with it comes that trip to curling once or twice a week. And let's face it. My dedication to biking to work will wane once the white stuff falls again.

However, in the months until then, I'm going to enjoy the fun that I can get out of biking again. And why not enjoy my daily commute - which will take no longer than public transit and will cost significantly less than taking my car. PLUS, I'll avoid spending so much time on public transit - hopefully avoiding catching every illness that flits through the confines of buses and trains.

Oh yeah, and I'm back.


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