Sunday, July 23, 2006

The perils of country music

Here I sit. I've had a weekend from hell and Itunes is determined to rub a little salt in the old wound.

The past 2.5 days have been spent fighting with someone who means more to me than I'd like to admit. In some ways, I hadn't let down all my defenses. It wasn't more than a week ago I was lamenting that. Today, I'm somewhat relieved there were still some walls to protect me. But this isn't about that.

It's about the evils of Itunes, country music and a broken heart. Errr, ok, so it kinda is about that.

So, facing a long, sleepless night, I sit down for some chat with a friend, some online games and some music to distract me. But... what's this? Itunes starts out with Johnny Cash's "Hurt." Uhhhhh... okayyyyyyy. But, I play on, hoping that "party shuffle" will pick something better for it's next hit...

nope. Missing an Angel. Let's just say it has significant meaning. That's followed by "The first cut is the deepest." WTF?????

So yes, for all of you who were wondering...Itunes has a sense of humour. An evil, twisted sick sense of humour. However, by the time it got around to playing "I never promised you a Rose Garden," I was laughing hysterically. I mean really.

Since, it's gone through a couple songs with innocuous enough titles only to have horribly relevant lyrics.

Finally, like a thunderstorm during a summer heat wave, it's granted me reprieve. Corb Lund's "Truck Got Stuck." Maybe Itunes has moved on to tormenting another poor soul.

Nope. Gretchen Wilson's "Holdin' You."

As a geek, I should be exempt from the evil machinations of software. After all, without me, it wouldn't have life.


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