Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sweet, sweet Iced Cap

It's expected to hit 32 today. Yep... 32. All right, so I thought that was pretty toasty until I did a temp conversion on it. We aren't even going to hit 90 and here I am whining. For those who are wondering 32 is 89.6F. Doesn't seem all that toasty, does it? Keep in mind we don't do air conditioning up here in the great (not-so) white north. Well, we do in most office buildings and malls and such, but not in our own homes.

So, with a morning temperature of 21/70 degrees, I figured an iced Cappuccino was in order. Yep, from Timmy's. Mmmmmmmm Tim's. Iced Cap and a Strawberry Danish... so much for starting out the day healthy!

I'm really not looking forward to the trip home. That lovely un-airconditioned bus ride for 30 minutes. And I'm not looking forward to another night with the windows open in my house to try to cool it off. It isn't so much the heat that's the problem. It's the idiots with the bikes and kids with their noisy mufflers going by all through the night.

At least tonight they're predicting a thunderstorm which will help cool things off.

On the topic of predictions. I just wanted to note something here. I've heard it predicted that Edmonton will see another tornado this summer, likely hitting either the Evergreen trailer park again or the west end. It'll be interesting to see if this prediction happens.


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